Undergraduate Program

Offering North Carolina’s Only B.S. in Data Science


The SDS undergraduate program is designed to equip students of all backgrounds and with any level of programming and statistics experience to become innovators in the field of data science. 

Data Science is at the forefront of industry in the 21st century, as more and more companies and academic disciplines rely on data-driven research, decision making, and visualizations. As a program rooted in a five-college partnership, students who complete the major in data science will have the ability to apply theories and technologies to problems in domains across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Students will take courses in machine learning, data analysis, statistics, data visualization, and most importantly the ethics surrounding the field of data science. Possible jobs for graduates of the undergraduate program include data science engineer, data analyst, research engineer, data science developer, among others.



We are pleased to announce we will soon share more information about new resources for data science majors regarding career and internship support in data science.

Entry Level Career Opportunities
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer 
  • Data Architect​
Career Path With Experience or Additional Education
  • AI Engineer 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Statistician 
  • Data Mining Engineer 
  • Quantitative Researcher
Notable Companies Hiring in Data Science