Cory Hefner

Adjunct Faculty

Education: Master of Science in Analytics from North Carolina State University

Courses Taught: Applied Machine Learning DSBA 6156


Cory Hefner is a graduate of North Carolina State University with both a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Analytics. His studies in Analytics covered topics including advanced modeling, data mining techniques, data visualization, and interpretation of these methods into meaningful and impactful results. Following an Analytics Consulting position at Quaero, Cory joined TIAA in July of 2016 as the Cyber Analytics group was being created. He is responsible for helping to “shrink the haystack” as the “needles” are becoming more difficult to find. He has designed and implemented projects to classify phishing emails, identify the sensitivity of documents, and automate various manual efforts throughout Cybersecurity. The most exciting part of his work at TIAA is the new challenges each and every day as threats to TIAA also become more sophisticated. Cory is also an Adjunct Faculty for the School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte.